Role Gameplay Programmer & Scrum Master
Team Alpaca
Duration December 19 2017 - December 26 2017
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform Windows 10
Language C++11


Absence is a singleplayer, puzzle, 3D platforming game. The player is stuck in a dark world with twisted creatures, where it has to traverse through a level and complete short challenges to gain control of light orbs that will allow them to continue through the level. The goal for the player is to relocate an orb of light, which will show new terrain and allow the player to continue further in the level. Using different types of altars, the player will solve short puzzles. This game was made during the 2018 Game Marmalades at IGAD.

For this project we had 2 weeks during my second year at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Moonguins was developed as part of a game marmalade (multiple game jams). As one of the gameplay programmers my responsibilities were player character movement and AI behaviour.

My contributions


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