Role Gameplay & Tools Programmer
Team Godspeed 21 students
Duration May 2018 - July 2018
Engine Lux Engine
Platforms Windows 10, PlayStation 4
Languages C++14, C#, Batch, CMake, GLTF


Drivinity a fast-paced anti-gravity racing game where Egyptian Gods collide in an epic race to decide once and for all who is superior. Players can choose between two different Gods on two tracks to race in a futuristic Egyptian city where technology has mixed with ancient Egypt.

For this project we had 4 days per week for 8 weeks, at the end of my second year at Breda University of Applied Sciences. After Lux Engine was greenlit the previous semester, we had a student team of 5 Artists, 6 Designers, and 10 Programmers. As the Engine & Tools Programmer from Lux Engine, I proceeded my work on level design tools and gameplay using feedback from the team.

My contributions

Scene loading

GLTF scenes.

Imported scenes.

Player feedback

Vibrations, lightbar.

Race laps

Lap counter, timer.


Spline tool.