Role Gameplay Programmer
Team Howdini
Duration January 26 2018 - January 28 2018
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform Windows 10
Language C++11


Flux is a 4 player party game in which you play as a transcendent crystal being with the power to telepathically move objects around you. The player has to use his telepathic powers to lift and throw objects in the arena to the other players and be the last man standing. The player has the ability to stop any incoming threats by timing his powers, giving the objects extra speed on his next throw.

For this project we had 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2018. I focused on getting the player camera and controller functioning in local co-op with multiple players, as well as post-launch updates to make the release playable in singeplayer. I made small changes in blueprints to fix the telekenisis mechanic and visual effects. I also managed the Git repository using Git Bash and branches, because we had lots of merge conflicts during the first few hours in such a large team.

My contributions


Camera controller following multiple players.

Player controllers for local co-op.

Project management

Git Bash, ignore files, repository.